PRIVATE VIOLENCE, Feature-length Documentary, an HBO film. (2014)

Executive Producer: Gloria Steinem; Director: Cynthia Hill; DP/co-Producer: Rex Miller. 

FROM the NY Times; June 6, 2014. 

"Private Violence", Cynthia Hill’s gripping documentary film about domestic violence against women opens the 25th anniversary of the Human Rights Watch Festival on Friday with the cinematic equivalent of a brass-knuckled punch in the face. 

-Stephen Holden

Our favorite review: by Matt Soller Zeitz of Vulture.com

Private Violence named #3 of Top Ten 10 Shows of 2014

(That's ALL of Television, not just documentaries, ranked higher than True Detective and Mad Men)

-Huffington Post Review

-Private Violence had it's World Premiere at SUNDANCE on Jan. 19th, 2014.

-HBO Broadcast Premiere; October, 2014

-Private Violence nominated for an Emmy, July 2015

Opening scene: 6:41 


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